Aug. 19, 2014

Chris Bailey on Time, Energy and Attention

Chris Bailey on Time, Energy and Attention

Chris Bailey of A Life of Productivity on Time, Energy and Attention.

a1b6bcbb2bb5c8254505a4b134b61835For exactly one year, May 1st, 2013 – May 1, 2014, Chris Bailey of ‘A Year of Productivity’ and ‘A Life of Productivity’ ran productivity experiments on himself. In this episode, he and Erik talk about some of the findings he had from those experiments, such as:

Tweetable quotes from this episode:

  • [tweetable]When you bring more of yourself to what you’re doing, you can dive into it deeper and do it a lot better.[/tweetable]
  • [tweetable]Intention behind your actions is like wood behind an arrow.[/tweetable]
  • [tweetable]Meditation trains your attention muscle to dedicate more attention to whatever you want to do in the moment.[/tweetable]
  • [tweetable]You know how you know if something’s important? If you’ve done it already.[/tweetable]
  • [tweetable]Just because you feel productive, doesn’t mean you’re actually productive.[/tweetable]

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