Feb. 6, 2023

Chris Clews on What 80s Pop Culture Teaches Us About Life and Leadership

Chris Clews on What 80s Pop Culture Teaches Us About Life and Leadership
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This week I was excited to welcome Chris Clews to the show for a more laid back chat and pop cultural conversation about what 80s movies can teach us about leadership, our workplace, and even ourselves. Chris is an author and keynote speaker whose latest book is, Raised on the 80s: 30+ Unexpected Life Lessons from the Movies and Music That Defined Pop Culture's Most Excellent Decade.

In this conversation Chris and I discuss such 80s classics as, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Breakfast Club, Field of Dreams, and more. Chris brings a fun approach towards learning from these classic films and I really enjoyed both reminiscing about when I first encountered each movie while also hearing Chris discuss some of the more profound life and leadership lessons that are hiding just under the surface of these beloved classics.

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Website: chrisclews.com

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