Feb. 25, 2013

Christin Taylor on Shipwrecks, Seasons and Writing

Christin Taylor on Shipwrecks, Seasons and Writing

Christin Taylor shares about shipwrecks, seasons, and writing and how they play into purpose in life.

slide12Christin Taylor is the author of Shipwrecked in L.A.: Finding Purpose in a Life Adrift.

Most people encounter at least one “shipwreck” during their twenties.  Everything you think you know about yourself, your life, your future, and even your faith suddenly breaks apart.  You’re left scrambling to construct a lifeboat that will take you back to the shore.

Christin Taylor knew how her life was going to turn out, but just eight weeks after moving to L.A., her hopes and dreams were shattered.  The next four years found Christin circling around, into, and back out of the film industry, until she finally found her way home.

Christin lives in historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, with her husband, Dwayne, and their children, Noelle and Nathan. They have lived and worked with college students since 2008. Christin teaches writing at Gettysburg College.

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