Feb. 19, 2013

Craig Jarrow on Time Management, Email, and Motivation

Craig Jarrow on Time Management, Email, and Motivation

Craig Jarrow, of TimeManagementNinja.com shares productivity tips from the areas of Time Management, Email, and Motivation and goals.

Craig_BW_Headshot_smallCraig Jarrow is the Time Management Ninja, and has been blogging about time management, Productivity, technology for the last 3 1/2 years.

Covered in this episode:

  • Productivity is about getting done what’s most important to you in the face of everything life will throw at you during the day.
  • Defend your time
  • Choose the right medium for the message
  • Set expectations with your team
  • If you have the best to do list in the world but never touch it because it’s too complicated, it’s not going to help you out.

In my ideal day, I’ve already gotten two hours of work in & a workout before I hit the office. - @TMNinjaClick To Tweet
Getting stuff done before the rest of the world is up is a great momentum to carry into your day. - @TMNinjaClick To Tweet
Just because the phone is ringing doesn’t mean you need to answer it. - @TMNinjaClick To Tweet
Don’t spend so much time cultivating a to do list that you don’t take action. - @TMNinjaClick To Tweet
Time management should be saving you time, not taking your time. - @TMNinjaClick To Tweet
It’s not about one app being the ultimate solution. Pick the app that suits your style and needs. - @TMNinjaClick To Tweet
It’s not so much about the tool, as much as its’ ability to fit your lifestyle. - @TMNinjaClick To Tweet
Choose the tools that you’ll actually use. - @TMNinjaClick To Tweet


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