April 25, 2013

Crystal Paine on Stewardship, Goals, and Discipline

Crystal Paine on Stewardship, Goals, and Discipline

Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom talks shares insights on Stewardship, Goals, and Discipline.

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53acf30f1051b693a3a6c86444418e1b (1)Crystal Paine created MoneySavingMom.com in order to showcase ebooks, workbooks, seminars, and other materials challenge people to live beyond the status quo. The site is a huge resource for anyone who wants to thrive in life, business, and home, and time management.

Covered in this episode:

You can’t overhaul your life overnight. Pick one change to focus on for 3-6 weeks. - @MoneySavingMomClick To Tweet
Discipline begets discipline. - @MoneySavingMomClick To Tweet
Any success I’ve had in my life is the result of standing on a huge pile of failure. - @MoneySavingMomClick To Tweet

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