Feb. 2, 2014

Donald Miller on Focus, Finishing and Living a Meaningful Story

Donald Miller on Focus, Finishing and Living a Meaningful Story

NY Times Bestselling Author Donald Miller talks about Focusing, Finishing and how the principles of a good story lead to a meaningful life.

Donald MillerDonald Miller is all about story. He is the author of several books, including multiple New York Times Best Sellers. Donald is also the founder of Storyline, an organization that helps people live better stories. He’s helped thousands overcome a sense of meaninglessness by helping them create their Storyline life plan. If you’re struggling with a sense of meaningless, pick up Storyline today. After studying story for years and successfully using the elements of story to engage customers, Don created StoryBrand, a process any business owner or marketing team can go through to create a communication script that will increase sales. Don is also the creator of the Storyline Productivity Schedule, a free daily schedule using modern psychology to increase a person’s productivity. Don believes getting your story straight changes everything.

Covered in this episode:

Some of Erik’s Favorite Storyline Blog Posts by Don:

Make sure to go grab the Storyline Productivity Schedule for FREE. The Schedule will help you:

  • Overcome procrastination
  • Radically increase productivity
  • Not feel overwhelmed
  • Manage your mental energy instead of your time
  • Enjoy a guilt-free work structure
  • Create a daily, healthy routine you can repeat for life
  • Finish the major projects you’ve been dreaming about

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