Oct. 24, 2022

Dr. Nicole Byers on the Science Behind Procrastination and Sleep

Dr. Nicole Byers on the Science Behind Procrastination and Sleep
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This week I was excited to welcome Dr. Nicole Byers to the show to discuss the correlation between neuroscience and specifically neuropsychology with productivity and efficiency. Nicole brings a wealth of knowledge and research gained during her Ph.D. studies in clinical psychology to the world working by explaining some of the strange ways our brain copes with stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, and mood. 

In this episode Nicole unpacks the four signs of procrastination while offering tips and tricks for rewiring our brain to avoid such behavior. In addition Nicole explains some of the science of sleep and why getting quality sleep is so important to our physiology and in turn our productivity!

Dr. Nicole Byers is a productivity and leadership coach and host of The Bold Life Podcast. Boasting a Ph.D. in clinical psychology with a specialty in neuropsychology, Nicole uses neuroscience-based strategies to help her clients boost their efficiency at work and defeat overwhelm so they can feel productive, not just busy. She has helped hundreds of busy professionals and leaders develop new mental habits.

Now, Nicole helps busy professionals train their brain and create new mental habits, allowing them to beat overwhelm, become more productive, and build more confidence in their work and in their lives. 

Website: https://www.drnicolebyers.com/

Bold Life Podcast: https://www.drnicolebyers.com/blog

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