July 19, 2016

Hitting Pause to Gain Perspective, Plan and Re-Commit

Hitting Pause to Gain Perspective, Plan and Re-Commit

Erik talks about hitting pause to gain perspective, make plans and re-committing. Covered in this episode: some health experiments Erik did in June, and the insights gained from attending Podcast Movement in Chicago in July 2016.

_ER_7748sq copyIn a rarity up till this point on the Beyond The To-Do List Podcast, Erik takes to the mic solo.

Covered in this episode: Erik talks about some health experiments he did in June, the process of that experiment, the results, and what he is doing moving forwasrd. Also covered is Erik’s trip to Chicago for Podcast Movement, and the insights gained from that visit. If you pay attention, you will also notice that Erik went a little ‘Roman Mars‘ on this episode. Maybe that had something to do with the subject of this podcast episode, or the fact that Erik met him, or kept crossing paths with him at the conference. 🙂

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