March 13, 2023

Jason Feifer on Resilience During Times of Change

Jason Feifer on Resilience During Times of Change
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This week I was really encouraged by my conversation with Jason Feifer. Jason is the the Editor In Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine and author of the new book, Build for Tomorrow: An Action Plan for Embracing Change, Adapting Fast, and Future-Proofing Your Career. If we want to admit it or not, these past few years have been a time of serious change and in this conversation Jason reveals how the ability to cope with and adapt to change is the number one trait that he has observed in successful business leaders, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders. 

Through his research and experience interviewing and interacting with countless business leaders coupled with observations that he and his colleagues made in the lead-up and unfolding of the pandemic, Build For Tomorrow captures the principles and realities of change and how the fear of change can both inhibit our growth and stifle our present. Jason unpacks his four phases of change and illustrates how, similar to the phases of grief, change can be paralyzing and emotionally devastating at first, but through resilience and proper framing can liberate us from both fear and false pillars of our identity. 

In addition to editing and writing Jason also hosts the podcasts Build For Tomorrowand Problem Solvers, and is a popular keynote speaker, startup advisor, and nonstop optimism machine. 

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