Aug. 14, 2013

Jeff Goins on Waiting, Calling, Creativity and ‘The In-Between’

Jeff Goins on Waiting, Calling, Creativity and ‘The In-Between’

Jeff Goins talks about his new book 'The In-Between', waiting, calling, and creativity.

ba92cf1653599c8f538fa0337ebfbfc5Jeff Goins is a writer, and a second time guest of the show. You can find listen to his first appearance almost a year ago here. His new book The In-Between is just out, and I am especially excited to talk to Jeff about how the subject of waiting impacts productivity. Jeff will be speaking at Jon Acuff’s upcoming Start Conference, which I will also be attending, so grab your tickets now!

Covered in this episode:

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The best things in life, and in work, require slow steady deliberate practice. - @JeffGoinsClick To Tweet
What if being productive wasn’t about doing a lot of things, but doing a few things well? - @JeffGoinsClick To Tweet
What if creativity is more about showing up, than being a genius on the spot? - @JeffGoinsClick To Tweet
It’s a discipline to believe if the idea is good enough, it will come back to you again. - @JeffGoinsClick To Tweet
It’s a great thing to begin your day doing the thing that you love the most. - @JeffGoinsClick To Tweet
Time spent on something that doesn’t end up being your life’s work isn’t wasted. It’s time preparing. - @JeffGoinsClick To Tweet

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