Aug. 29, 2022

Kim Rittberg on Transitioning Your Talents when Changing Careers

Kim Rittberg on Transitioning Your Talents when Changing Careers

This week I had a great conversation with Kim Rittberg about her new project the ‘Mom’s Exit Interview Podcast'. Kim and I discuss her checkered career and some of the reasons she chose to leave the corporate world and strike out on her own, producing and consulting on a range of content and media projects. 

Kim has a wealth of insights and tips for not just Moms, but anyone considering transitioning into a new career or entrepreneurial endeavor. We discuss the importance of establishing your priorities before you make any major career changes and what she has been learning from her guests on the new podcast. 

Kim Rittberg is a Video Marketing Strategy & Podcaster, former media executive, corporate quitter, and mom. She is an award-winning Video & Content Strategist, On-Camera Coach previously at Netflix, PopSugar, and Us Weekly. Kim is the host of ‘Mom’s Exit Interview Podcast’ where she interviews inspirational moms who are taking control of their lives while achieving (gasp!) true work-life balance: entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms with side hustles, consultants, part-time workers and more.

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