Feb. 27, 2023

Kris Ward on Time Management Myths and Small Business Tips

Kris Ward on Time Management Myths and Small Business Tips
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This week I was happy to welcome Kris Ward back to the show for a wide ranging discussion on everything from time management to the importance of forming the right team to scale your business. Kris is always great to have on the podcast and this discussion was a kind of followup talk to her first appearance where we discussed her book, Win The Hour, Win the Day. In this episode we dive even deeper into that book’s principles while discussing a host of topics on everything from systems and processes to dealing with growth in your business. This was a great chat that has a little of everything for anyone interested in maximizing their efficiency during the workday and beyond. 

Kris Ward is the founder of Win The Hour, Win the Day, a platform and Amazon best-selling book, that helps entrepreneurs to systematically grow their business and enjoy a personal life too. After the loss of her husband, Kris returned full-time to the marketing & branding agency she had founded years earlier, only to find her business was thriving. She began teaching clients the exact systems & processes that had freed her up and helped her during that difficult time and changed their lives in the process. Through sound time management principles - that anyone can easily understand and apply - Kris’ clients now had more time, freedom and recaptured the joy & fun they once had when they first started their businesses.

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