March 6, 2023

Marc Champagne on The Importance of Asking The Right Questions

Marc Champagne on The Importance of Asking The Right Questions

This week I was excited to welcome Marc Champagne to the show to discuss his new book, Personal Socrates: Questions That Will Upgrade Your Life from Legends & World-Class Performers. I connected with Marc through Joey Cofone from Baron Fig who you might recall was a guest on the show back in October of 2022. Baron Fig is the design house behind a host of beautifully and ergonomically designed notebooks, journals, pens, and other analog productivity tools that I use daily.

In this conversation it immediately became clear how Marc’s background in metal fitness and strategy was a logical outgrowth of the work that Joey and his team at Baron Fig encapsulate, making him a perfect fit to release his book under the wing of Baron Fig Publishing. In this chat we explore Marc’s inspiration for modernizing and exploring the Socratic Method and how this ancient system of questioning is perhaps more relevant today than ever. 

In this episode we also explore questions about stimulating your mental fitness and how to direct your internal narrative to work for you. Listeners will hear Marc begin to unpack some of the over 100 plus life changing questions across more than 40 profiles of legends such as Kobe Bryant, Maya Angelou, Robin Williams alongside Top Performers like Ryan Holiday, Shantell Martin, James Clear. 

In addition to writing and consulting Marc also hosts the podcast Behind The Human where he continues to explore mental fitness practices and the power of questions with guests from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines.

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