Aug. 6, 2019

Moe Carrick on Creating a Bravespace Workplace

Moe Carrick on Creating a Bravespace Workplace

Moe Carrick, author of Bravespace Workplace on how to create a thriving workplace with leadership, strategy, and culture.

Moe Carrick has over 30 years of experience working in organizations on issues of partnership, leadership, strategy, and culture.

Her latest book 'Bravespace Workplace' shows how leaders need to focus on six interdependent levers of their day-to-day work (culture, leadership, team, meaning, design, and partnership with machines) to materially enliven and lift the humanity and the performance of everyone who works for them – which is a win–win for both employee and employer.

Bravespace Workplace offers a clearly imagined future for organizations in which the people who work there grow, connect, and thrive.

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