Oct. 27, 2013

Ray Edwards on Focus, Progress and Deadlines

Ray Edwards on Focus, Progress and Deadlines

Ray Edwards - author, speaker, copywriter, podcaster talks about focus, progress and deadlines.

jlbio7sgki0bc60r8a2hRay Edwards is an author, speaker, copywriter, and fellow-podcaster on his successful podcast ‘The Ray Edwards Show’. Ray has many creative insights in entrepreneurship and productivity. Ray is also  the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller Writing Riches.

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Success isn't a destination. It’s making progress towards a goal that’s worthy of your calling in life. - @RayEdwardsClick To Tweet
My goal for productivity is to be more effective at the important things in life. - @RayEdwardsClick To Tweet
We’re capable of doing things that would astound ourselves, if we just applied ourselves with focus. - @RayEdwardsClick To Tweet

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