Beyond the To-Do List

If you don’t like it for the 1st time, wait for a while and give it a second shoot.

Sometimes, when you don’t like what you are getting - probably it is not the right thing for you AT THE MOMENT, or you are just not ready.

When I first heard a episode of BTTDL back in early 2013, I didn’t try another episode. Cause it just felt they’re talking too long for one topic、one skill, and it just wasn’t practical for an impatient 2013 ME. So I (very unfortunate for me) walked away.

During past 2 years, I am still into all kinds of Time Management、Productivity blogs and podcasts, learning about OmniFocus、Busycal、Evernote etc, all the sources I consumed were very practical ( as a matter of fact, some of them too practical, I didn’t really understand it even after I finish the set-up), so I learnt how to “use” all these apps、tools and some skills. BUT - they don’t work for me, it work for the guy who wrote the manual, but I am not that guy, I have my own need. And I don’t know exactly what I want to get from them, I don’t know how to tailor made all these apps、tools for my strength and personality.

And then BTTDL come back into my mind, yes, after 2 years, I gave it another try. And I was so happy I could have the chance to come back, it is the everything I need right now. Eric don’t talk a lot about how to set your app, how to make the most of the app. He really talks about Beyond the To Do List, and that’s really important.

Learning HOW to be productive and Manage Time is very important, and Knowing WHY is more important. So I figure out a lot WHY.

Thanks to Eric Fisher. And as a listener from China, another side benefit I get is my English, Eric have such a good voice, it truly is a enjoyment to listen.

May 21, 2015 by Ernest朱毅 on Apple Podcasts

Beyond the To-Do List