Beyond the To-Do List

Easy listening and inspiring!

I came across this podcast within the last week and I have really enjoyed it. He has great interviewing skills, the interviews go at a great peppy pace (doesn't drag), and he really seems to show a great interest in learning from others (not a self-absorbed type of podcast).

There are times when it comes to the technology discussions on this podcast that I find I have no clue about certain tools available. HOWEVER, the podcast still holds my attention even when I don't completely know what the jargon means or it moves quickly onto something I can apply (remember the good pace I talked about earlier). It definitely gives ideas on tools I might be able to look at in the future.

I like that he notes he will put things in the show notes (not sure if that is the correct term). However, I like this since I drive while I listen to it. Knowing I could always look up a website or review a concept again without having to listen to the whole podcast again is nice. However, with that said, I could see myself possibly listening to some of the podcast again.

Great podcast! Try it out! If you had to pick one to try out...try 001. It is in my top 2 faves on this podcast.

Sept. 14, 2012 by Saver82 on Apple Podcasts

Beyond the To-Do List