Jan. 1, 2023

Ryan McRae on Setting Realistic Resolutions

Ryan McRae on Setting Realistic Resolutions
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This week I'm excited to re-share an episode I recorded almost two years ago with Ryan McRae. Ryan has had ADHD all of his life, but he wasn’t going to let it slow him down. He has worked hard to figure out how to take all the benefits and cancel out all the drawbacks of this condition that many people only associate with young people yet affects millions of adults as well. Ryan has been on the show previously to talk about ADHD, but in this conversation he and Erik talk about Setting resolutions and sticking to them.

With the new year upon us many people are either setting or recommitting to resolutions for 2023. Though this practice is by no means unhealthy or unproductive, the act of setting resolutions can at times be demoralizing, resulting in more harm than good. In this hour Ryan and Erik talk about the power of setting realistic resolutions and how having grace and patience with yourself along the road of resolutions can result in more long-term and sustainable practices that will go far beyond 2023. 

Ryan’s Guide to ADHD: 


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