May 8, 2023

Scott Allender on The Enneagram and Emotional Intelligence

Scott Allender on The Enneagram and Emotional Intelligence
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This week I was excited to welcome Scott Allender to the show for a chat about one of my favorite tools for helping people establish their personality type and more importantly their unhealthy traits, The Enneagram. Scott is an expert in global leadership and organizational development. Along with co-hosting The Evolving Leader podcast, he regularly teaches Enneagram workshops and conducts typing interviews and emotional intelligence assessments for individuals and teams who seek to become more radically self-aware and cognizant of the impact they have on the world.

Scott’s latest book, The Enneagram of Emotional Intelligence - A Journey to Personal and Professional Success helps you chart a personality-specific path toward lasting emotional health and improved interpersonal relationships by integrating the nine types contained within The Enneagram with the essential skills of emotional intelligence. In this episode Scott unpacks the basic principles of The Enneagram while exploring how the integration of his principles on emotional intelligence help you to take the more general aspects of personality type and transform them into practical applications for improving your relationship towards yourself and others. 

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