April 10, 2023

Zack Arnold on Optimizing Yourself and Avoiding Burnout

Zack Arnold on Optimizing Yourself and Avoiding Burnout
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This week I was incredibly excited to welcome Zack Arnold to the show for a great conversation about optimizing your life, avoiding burnout and learning to set the right goals. Zack is an award-winning Hollywood film & television editor known for his work on favorites of mine such as, Cobra Kai, Burn Notice, Empire, Shooter, and Glee. Zac is a member of the American Cinema Editors, an American Ninja Warrior, and creator of the Optimize Yourself program. 

Zack uses his experience as a creative professional to produce the Optimize Yourself Podcastwhich aims to give creative professionals insight into how to love what they do for a living without having to sacrifice their health, relationships, or sanity in the process. The podcast also addresses the specifics of creative burnout and ways to avoid it.

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