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I'm gonna need a longer commute.

I really didn't want to add another podcast to my schedule, but I'm gonna have to find time somewhere for this one. Great job!


Retirement is nearing and I know I will want to remain busy to some degree. I've only listened to three of your interviews but have garnered a great deal of info. that I can put to immediate use. Will go back and listen again to #002 and take notes this time. Next I'd like to tap into my unused potential to start up my own business. Any tips? PS I only put 4 stars b/c I've barely begun to listen and branch out to other speakers. But hopefully I'll be back to add that 5th star. Keep up the great stuff!

More than tools—life and thinking!

Beyond the To Do List is a great productivity podcast that goes beyond the tools and apps. Erik Fisher talks with people who are finding success because of _how_ they use the tools they have. But more importantly, Erik and his guests challenge us with _how_ to think and _do_! Erik has previously hosted podcasts on social media (Social Media Serenity) and health (WellnessBreak Radio). He is very experienced with seeking a balanced, productive, and successful life. His thoughts and those from his guests are invaluable and have already helped me reshape my own productivity.

Refreshing take on productivity!

I was refreshed to see Erik has launched "Beyond The To Do List." After enjoying hearing him as the social media correspondent on Cliff Ravenscraft's "Podcast Answer Man," I had been hoping Erik would bring his focus and detail to a podcast of his own. After just 3 short episodes, this podcast has become one of my must-listens. I have already found several useful takeaways from this show that have enhanced my productivity. I'll be a long-time listener. Thanks for creating this valuable content Erik!

Much needed!

Lately I have not had a lot of time to listen to podcasts, but I have enjoyed listening to Erik's new podcast and the content couldn't come at a better time for me. I went back to work recently and have struggled with managing my time with non-work stuff and scheduling them. I can't wait to listen to more episodes from Beyond the To Do List!

real-life life hacking case studies

Money? You can make more. Time? It's a fixed resource that can get away from the most diligent among us. Erik's case study interviews give you a detailed look into what others are doing - things that work and things that don't work. The podcast provides a useful template from which we can construct our own productivity improvements. You're off to a great start, Erik. Keep hitting the record button.

Super informative, practical and effective

I spent an hour looking for a podcast on productivity and the only thing I found was a bucketload of cheesy intro music, hosts so energetic you feel like you're being punched in the face and the same old generic advice. Beyond The To Do List is none of those. It's very straight forward, relaxed and to the point. Give it a listen and you'll be hooked! 5/5

Already Helping Me Immensely

I just started listening to this new podcast and I love it! By interviewing thought leaders on productivity, it is able to provide an inside picture into how others are learning to schedule and use their time more effectively. I'm excited about growing in this area through listening to this podcast!

Add this podcast to your to do list!

I am enjoying Erik Fisher's "Beyond the To Do List" podcast. I love his interviews with real live people who share their struggles with getting things done and the strategies they are using to be more productive. I have added this podcast to my to do list, and I hope you will to!

Excited for More!

I think Erik has found a great niche for his new podcast. I love how the show isn't just about finding the best system for getting work done, but it also includes ways that people balance they personal life and their work. I feel like I have a pretty productive workflow, but after listening to the first two episodes, I have tweaked some of my methods based on what Cliff and Andy have found to work for them. Keep interviewing successful guests to help entrepreneurs like myself! Keep them coming :) I'm excited to learn more!

Beyond The To Do List - An excellent show about productivity, balance, and more!

Beyond The To Do List is already an excellent show about productivity, balance, and much more! Erik Fisher does a great job going beyond the usual focus on just how we can get more things done, and delving into the why behind getting things done, how to seek personal and professional balance, all by looking at things in a new way. I have no doubt that this podcast is going to excel, and be in production for quite a long time. Erik Fisher has been producing and/or co-hosting other podcasts for many years, and has got the chops to prove it. Download, subscribe, listen, learn, enjoy….and change. Wayne Henderson Media Voice-Overs

Beyond the To Do List - Beyond expectations

I have looked forward to Erik's podcast for some time now. His tips & segments regarding social media with The Podcast Answerman have always proven to be very beneficial to me. Erik has done a great job creating content for anyone the wants to be more productive with his podcast. He provides good interviews with guests that offer insight worth listening to & sharing with others.

Perfect for helping busy folks.

This is a great podcast for those of us who need more hours in the day. There are great tips for time managament and how to prioritize your life.

Old Topic. Fresh Look. A winner.

I've listened to the first few shows. Erik interviewed two people that I know a whole lot about and I was afraid the interviews would be rehashing old content for me. I was pleasantly surprised that his interview was fresh and provided new information from two people I admire (Cliff and Andy). I love the premise of this show and look forward to new episodes. -Stephen

Fruits and vegetables for your productivity diet

It's obious that Erik is a veteran podcaster who has a passion for learning about improving his own productivity. I'm really enjoying listening to people who are successful in managing their time. The show is full of practical, easy to implement tips, however, more than just a list of things to do, the show challenges the way we think about how we organize our day. 5 stars!