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Much needed!

I'm not your typical business podcast listener as what I do tends to demand a great deal of fluidity in not only schedule, but also in job responsibilities. One of the pitfalls of this is that it can become pretty easy to allow fluidity to excuse me from intentionality which can lead to days that are simply ineffective in helping me accomplish anything meaningful. I've enjoyed conversations (both personal and overheard via podcasts and social media) with Erik for years and began listening primarily just to hear what he is up to. What I found were broader themes that not only help improve the focus of high achievers who already have a great deal of focus professionally, but can also be applied to arenas where adaptability and creativity benefit from being corralled in order to make the most of the opportunities presented. The quality of the guests thus far has been fantastic and Erik brings a very conversational tone to the discussion. Erik also asks great questions to make the most of the opportunity to hear from some top notch people. Early indicators are that this will be a podcast that I will continue to listen to, apply, and benefit from both personally and professionally.


This is one of my favorite podcast the content is delivered with a simple easy to understand pace I cant wait for more!

Love, Love, Love it!

I love the practical advice from many different points of view. Erik does a great job with the interviews and I learn something to improve my productivity EVERY EPISODE!

Great show!

I was introduced to this podcast through Twitter by Erik Fisher. I have listened to him on previous podcasts and have taken an interest in productivity lately so I took a look. I listened to the first 4 espisodes in one day and I really loved them. Some of the speakers are new to me, and some I have followed and listened to for years. I learned great bits of information from each of them and can't wait to see what is in store in future episodes.

Really like the interview

Very informative. Just what I need.

Insightful, broad, & stuff you don't find in a book.

What a great gem of a podcast! I listened straight through from #1 to the most recent episode and found something to take away in each one. In fact, there are a couple I will be relistening to. What I MOST appreciated was the various backgrounds each of these interviewees came from, and hearing them each talk through their process of arriving where they are now in terms of life and productivity. I was quite inspired and felt at the end of each one "I could do that."

Motivating for the Self Employed

As a self employed individual who works from home, there tends to be a gap between the knowledge and practice of effective time management principles. Erik's blog has both reminded me to practice some habits that I've 'let go' since becoming self employed as well as equipping me with some new practical ideas to effectively manage my time and thus grow my business. Thanks Erik.

Great content!

If you've ever struggled with how to get things done despite seeming to have no time, this is the show for you. Erik has assembled a great batch of interviews that are filled with tips and strategies for how to be productive. If has been great from episode 1 and I'm excited to continue to listen and learn from this great podcast. :)

Proven Productivity Insights From People You Can Trust!

I absolutely love this podcast that focuses on interviews of highly successful people. With each episode, I walk away with inspiration on how to take my own personal productivity to the next level. Erik Fisher knocks it out of the park with this amazing podcast! Subscribe Today!

Great content

I've known Erik for a while now, and his podcast is just as great as he is. I'm a college student, and the productivity tips are immensely helpful. Definitely worth a subscribe!

Good Stuff - Great Podcast!

I'm a personal productivity junkie. I can read about and listen to this kind of stuff all day long. I've heard it all before. And I've put a fraction of what I've learned into practice. What I love about the "Beyond the To Do List" podcast is that it offers real-life strategies that work for real, live people. Yeah, people like me. It's not cookie cutter. It's not "One Size Fits All." It's open and honest. It's about what works, and what doesn't work, for the people being interviewed. They share their productivity challenges and their triumphs. I can relate to them. I can learn from them. You will too! But only if you subscribe and listen!!!

Time Management made a little less ugly

Listening to the productivity and time management skills of some literal 'kings' of the topics is SO HELPFUL. Erik asks the right questions and brings in the right voices on these matters and helps the listener sift through the over-abundance of opinion within our culture. I'm loving this podcast!

How would you like the world to be?

Erik does a good job exploring what it takes to achieve your dreams in terms of lifestyle by finding people who have had dreams, visions, missions, and/or goals & achieved them. Not just once, but multiple points in their life. Exploring success like this helps you evaluate what you could tweak to really achieve your desires.

Really enjoyed what I've heard so far!

Erik has done a nice job of bringing a challenging topic to life via a podcast. His connection with the subjects on the podcasts comes through and gives the listener a very comfortable feeling. This comfortable relationship takes what can be a difficult topic to keep interesting in an audio format and keeps the listener engaged. I usually prefer shorter podcasts, but found myself sticking with Erik's program for much longer. Keep up the great work!

Informative and Helpful!

Erik Fisher is a gifted communicator. This podcast covers different topics which will teach you how to organize and be productive in pursuing a balanced life. Erik interviews successful people who share their tips, advice and how to implement them into your own life. This podcast is practical, helpful and informative. I highly recommend it to those who are pursuing their dreams and want to reach their full potential and achieve success.

Helpful and it'll get better

Don't listen to this podcast unless you're ready to make some changes to your workflow and priorities. If you want to waste time and be lazy then this won't be a fun show for you to listen to. This is Erik's first crack at a show on his own and he does very well. It's already a great show and Erik will continue to refine his interview style and make the show his own. And thanks for having me on episode 002. I hope people still listen after they hear that episode.

Great real life examples on how others stay productive.

Great first three shows. The best thing about the show so far is that you not only hear productivity tips, but through Erik's interviews you hear how others put different productivity systems into action. Looking forward to more shows!

A Must Listen for Pastors and Leaders

With great guests and timely topics, Erik Fisher has hit a home run with Beyond the To Do List. As a pastor, I am constantly battling time management, focus, and productivity issues. This podcast is meeting a real need in my life and I can't wait to listen every week!

Great advice and interesting conversations!

This podcast offers not only great advice on how to be more productive, but it is also entertaining and offers valuable lessons on life in general. As a result of listening to the podcast, I've already implemented new processes and refocused my attention on what is really important in my work and life. If you want to take your productivity to the next level and want to listen in to awesome and inspiring people sharing their life and wisdom, then you don't want to miss this podcast.

Listen to what they aren't saying

Erik Fisher is finally getting his own show. After co-hosting many shows for some time now, he's blazing a trail with a purpose, as you can see by the title of his show. And purpose is exactly what we need in this age of meaningless urgencies and not enough importance. One of the things that Erik said on the most recent show took me by (pleasant) surprise, and it's a habit I think all podcasters need to emulate -- he listens to his own show! In my opinion, that equals quality control. And so far, it has been full of quality content. It also suggests that he'll learn from his experiences, which means the content is going to get even better. Additionally, I like the fact that he asks every guest the same question (at least one question has been the same on every show as I recall). In my opinion, that drives home the purpose of the show and really helps you hear and compare what the guests say and even what they don't say. If you want to be successful--we are taught--emulate the success of others. This podcast is a great way to do just that, to survey the techniques of many.

great show Erik

I added this cast the other day and have already listened to all of the shows. Great information with greater ideas especially when I am juggling 2 different businesses and clients all over the US. Keep up the great work Dave

Great Insight on the stories behind being productive.

Thank you Eric for sarting this Podcast. I have to admit that I loved every bit of it. there were alot of things I have learned listening to your Podcast that have helped me begin to really look into waht works for me, not neccesarily a system that I have to follow. Totally recomend this to anyone wanting to find a way to inprove their productivity.

A must-listen for anyone interested in being more productive

Erik has hit on a great topic (personal productivity) with an interesting format and guests who have a lot to offer. I have picked up several useful tips in each show and I look forward to listening to each new episode.

Helpful Advice

Eric takes the years of experience to help you move beyond urgency. He brings in successful people from different areas to share their lives and advice. Check it out now.

Warm and offbeat productivity podcast

Some productivity posts and podcasts feel like they themselves are a waste of your productivity... Not so with Erik's warm and offbeat "Beyond the To Do List" podcast. Like a kind and close friend pulling up a chair at your desk to give you a tutorial on life, this podcast is worthy of a download and a listen, perhaps even a share from time to time.

Interesting Guests, Great Show!

I have heard Erik J. Fisher on other podcasts and he is a great guest, talking about social media & productivity. If you want to learn how to get more done at work (and at home), subscribe to this podcast. You will not be sorry. Erik's podcast is topical and has lots of great productivity tips!

Finally, a podcaster that listens

I have followed Erik on Twitter for a while now and he consistently delivers great content. He continues to deliver great content in his podcast. He understands that the most important part of interviewing another is to let the person talk. Great job Erik.

Something for everybody

The tips and tricks, but also the general ways of thinking discussed in these episodes are helpful for everybody.

Worth Subscribing!

Erik is entertaining and finds interesting guests for his podcast. I appreciate how he shares his struggles and ways we can practically overcome them. Definitely worth the subscribe!

Motivational and Instructive

These are great podcasts. The little decisions that make a difference. I love to hear about how each person finds his own tweek to achieve success.