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Pure gold!

I consume a lot of podcasts and Erik's is full of practical and inspiring content! I suggest you go back and listen to them all.

This is one of the few podcast I would PAY for!

This podcast is incredibly valuable. Everyone he interviews has already dealt with and conquered the same issues that I am trying to sort out today and they provide REAL tips, tools and solutions. I hardly ever write podcast reviews, but I had to say that this podcast is making a huge difference in my life and work and it's so valuable I would even pay for it (but please don't make me! :)

Great Information

I have now listened to all 5 of the podcasts. There is great information in each and every one. Thank you for this information. You do not realize how important time management is until you get busy and fall behind.

Great Material

In my own efforts and struggles with productivity, i stumbled upon this podcast and i am so very thankful everyday for having done so. While the specific jobs may not apply to an individual career, the content and ability to be a productive individual always hits home. Excellent idea for a podcast, and the content is even better.

Wonderful Insights and Resources

I am enjoying each podcast. I get to hear a variety of successful people, those living their dream everyday and steps with real life ideas of how they got there, as well as get wonderful literature to read to support what they say! Motivational, hopeful, and encouraging. Well done!

Solid Content I Can't Find Anywhere Else

Erik's podcast gives me thoughtful, actionable content I can't find anywhere else.

Beyond the To Do List = Infinity and Beyond

Great show! There are few folks with more passion for the topic. Great information. Excellent interviews. I compaired this show with Buzz Lightyear... and I love Buzz.

Great for all walks of life.

I am a mom who stays at home with my kids during the week and then works as a nurse every weekend. When I first saw this podcast, I sort of figured it would be for those 9-5 corporate kind of people. Not so! I have gleaned so much information from these podcasts that have helped me organize my day. I feel like I am much more efficient whether I am folding laundry that day or in charge of an ICU at the hospital. It doesn't matter what you do for a living, I guarantee you will learn tips and tricks from these interviews that will motivate and help you to glean the most from each hour of your day. Thanks for making such a great show Erik!

The means justify the ends

This isn't boring bullet-points on productivity. It's a narrative on what fun, interesting and successful people are doing to make it all work in a hectic-lifestyle society. And in that entertaining process, there's lots to learn and incorporate (or not) into your own life. In sum: Inspiring, entertaining, and encouraging.

Wonderful job!

Thank you so very much for this podcast. It keeps my attention and offers some great advice and helpful tips. Really enjoy the quotes, websites, apps, and blogs mentioned! Keep it up! :)

Awesome podcast

The best self help podcast I have ever found. Every episode is packed with fantastic information and is presented in an engaging to listen to format. Simply put, I love it.

Great Podcast!

What a fantastic podcast! I have listened to just two interviews and have already gained useful ideas to enhance my productivity. Fisher is a great interviewer and very relatable. Keep up the good work Erik and please continue to provide useful information.

Just What The Doctor Ordered!

As a person that is searching for ways to be more productive, it is great to hear from Erik's guests each episode. Erik asks the questions that I would ask, seeking to learn how these successful people "get things done". Every week I have been able to pull out at least one actionable item that I put in place for a week to see if it will work for me. I have found things that I will be using for a long time. Thanks Erik, you rock!


This podcast made my day when I discovered it! Michael Hyatt featured it on his blog so I immediately downloaded all the episodes and thoroughly benefitted from each one. I look forward to more episodes to come!

Two and a Half Thumbs Up!!!!

Eric, You rock!!! I highly recommend everyone listen to this podcast!!! Keep it up!!!

Enjoy the show

Initially I thought that who would want to listen to people talk about productivity for 50 minutes. But I was drawn to the positive reviews and decided to give one episode a try and I am glad I did. It is a very interesting show and look forward to more and more episodes in the future. Great job Erik!


Being honest about the real challenges people face with productivity. Keep it up guys!

Great host, fantastic guests for this practical topic

Erik is an "overnight success," which means of course that he's a veteran podcaster who has learned the ways of social media. He has lined up a great succession of guests right off the bat, and I am looking forward to learning a lot from them. Eric asks the questions we would all like to ask, if we were in a conversation with these successful and productive folks.

Love it!

Great podcast, Erik! Organized, great flow, awesome questions. I LOVED the Mark Malkoff interview. I hope you continue to interview different types of people... i.e. business experts, artists, entrepreneurs, etc.

A must listen to podcast!

No matter you situation in life, this podcast will inspire you and teach you how to be more productive in every aspect. I don't miss an episode.

Put on your to do list!

Everyone needs to know how to get it done. Erik shows how productive people do exactly that. Put this podcast on your to do…or at least your TO LISTEN to list!

Just What I Needed Today

Great podcast Erik. I have listened to the first 2 episodes with Cliff & Andy and came away with a list of helpful productivity items. Your interview with Andy Traub convinced me I really do need a to-do list and have started back using one today. I am looking forward to listening to the remaining episodes. @Westox

Erik lets his interviewees shine

There are some podcasts where the interviewer steals the spotlight and doesn't let his interviewees share what they know. Erik really does a great job of asking the right questions to let his interviewees take the spotlight. This is a podcast dealing so much more than the basics of productivity and tools. If you want to learn more about how to accomplish more in the time you (and we all) have during the day, this is well worth a listen.

Easy listening and inspiring!

I came across this podcast within the last week and I have really enjoyed it. He has great interviewing skills, the interviews go at a great peppy pace (doesn't drag), and he really seems to show a great interest in learning from others (not a self-absorbed type of podcast). There are times when it comes to the technology discussions on this podcast that I find I have no clue about certain tools available. HOWEVER, the podcast still holds my attention even when I don't completely know what the jargon means or it moves quickly onto something I can apply (remember the good pace I talked about earlier). It definitely gives ideas on tools I might be able to look at in the future. I like that he notes he will put things in the show notes (not sure if that is the correct term). However, I like this since I drive while I listen to it. Knowing I could always look up a website or review a concept again without having to listen to the whole podcast again is nice. However, with that said, I could see myself possibly listening to some of the podcast again. Great podcast! Try it out! If you had to pick one to try out...try 001. It is in my top 2 faves on this podcast.

The most informative hour of the day!

Erik's podcast is well organized, audible, and informative. Not only does he share his insight on getting out of your own way and getting your work done efficiently, but he conducts quality interviews with some of the best in the business on that very topic. Erik and his guests share some of the tools and techniques they use to make their day a more productive one…beyond the to-do list. Even if you only apply a fraction of the suggestions discussed on this podcast, you're well on your way to becoming more organized and effective in your endeavors. This is great stuff!

Put this podcast on your to-listen list

After having been a co-host on numerous podcasts, Erik J. Fisher ventures into the realm of solo podcasting. Each week, Erik brings fresh interviews with highly-productive individuals to inspire and motivate listeners to take the next step in their personal life, family life, and careers. Each interview is a gold mine of information and advice to anyone who wants to move beyond the to-do list and into a life of success and satisfaction.

Erik Fisher's podcast is very informative.

Fisher serves up a plate full of good advice and is an incredible host. Be sure to check out his episode with Michael Hyatt.

Refreshing Conversations

I've been a Productivity follower for some time now and have spent my fair share of time and resources on every app and tip and trick and notebook and system out there. This podcast is people just like me who try to strike our work and family life balance while staying challenged and enjoying happiness of Life. Well done, Erik. I haven't heard of you before but glad I found this podcast.


Have enjoyed listening to Erik over the years. This podcast is just what i have needed to add to my tools for success.