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Highly recommended!

From names you may know to perhaps some new ones who may be new to you, Erik Fisher and his guests provide information on tips, tricks, sites, and books to help us all blend work, life, and family. I have enjoyed his podcasts and highly recommend them.

Glad you're back

Great content. Thanks for you efforts

Love, love, love this podcast!

I am extremely busy at work and socially. I'm always on the go and every day varies. I love the advice about dealing with emails one time, suggestions for productivity apps and on how to maximize the am hours. After listening to a couple of the podcasts, I used the tips and began waking up a half hour earlier each week to incorporate a regular work out. I am also working to use mornings to better utilize social media for my job. These little steps seem simple, but no one teaches this- so THANK YOU. Great suggestions for books, productivity tools, how to set and achieve goals and for managing a hectic schedule. This podcast is now part of my weekly schedule of personal improvement.

Insightful and Inspiring

Erik has a way of getting great guests and asking great questions. The Michael Hyatt interview is one for the ages, and each interview adds new tips for how to be more productive and intentional. This is on my not-to-miss list.

A practical, useful podcast

Erik's great guests each week bring a lot of awesome insight to the area of personal productivity. For example, his most recent interview with @TMninja provided some excellent productivity tips for saving time, managing your email, and all-around use of technology for productivity. I highly recommend Erik's podcast to anyone who wants to improve their effectiveness at life.

Always illuminating

Erik Fisher is perfectly at ease in the podcasting seat. The pacing is perfect, the questions appropriate the content is what makes the podcasts shine. So very well done. Keep them coming.

Motivating, inspiring, helpful.

I listen to this podcast faithfully. That says a lot because there are only a handful that I listen to weekly. This podcast provides wonderful tips from a variety of perspectives on how to save time, harness your creativity, and enhance your productivity. As a teacher, I find it immensely valuable.

Practical Life Management Tips

This is an information-packed podcast, with tips and tools that you can immediately put in to practice. Erik and his interviewees offer not only time management tips, but also life management tips. I really like the question he asks of all if his guests, "In an ideal world, how do you start your day?" This podcast should be one tool in everyone's time and life management tool kit. Great job, Erik!

Many good tips

Very practical information found here. Presented in an interesting way. I've already implemented several of the helpful tips.

Great Info

Great for productivity tips and experts. Keep up the good work!

One of the best productivity blogs out there

I absolutely love listening to this podcast. It is the perfect balance between GTD, productivity, personal time management, and lifestyle. Super well done, and very professional. Keep it up!


Amazing content, I listened to the podcast through out my day, picking out ideas here and there. It is "Beyond the to do list".. Why no new podcast in over a month though?


Excellent content. Very relatable and encouraging to look & move forward. The interviews aren't fluffy. Great podcast!

Love the show!

I've been listening since first episode. What I love about the show is that it demonstrates there's more than one way to be productive. The interviewees all do what "works for them". I like that they are transparent about their struggles with being productive.

Love these podcasts!

I listen to these while I work. I find them to be extremely motivational. Can't wait for a new one to come out!

Podcast Junkie will definitely KEEP this one UP!

Thank you for the great content, well delivered and worth the listening!

Worth your time

Listened to the Chris Brogan interview first (terrific piece!) and wound up hooked. Great insight, useful tidbits and a great look into the minds of some of today's top business minds.

Helpful, encouraging podcast

Erik presents interviews with innovative, visionary leaders, who talk about the mistakes they've made and steps they've taken to reach their goals. Sometimes the tech talk is a bit over my head, but I've been listening for about a month and this podcast has quickly become one I look forward to each week. Keep up the great work Erik!

Practical and Engaging

Love this podcast! Erik is extremely practical and engaging with everything I've heard. If you're into personal growth on any level, this is a great one to add to you listening list!

Great Podcast!

I really enjoy Erik's podcast. His interview style is very informal - like you're sitting around having a cup of coffee with some of the most successful and influential people today. The opportunity to learn and apply lessons from these individuals makes "Beyond the To Do List" an extremely valuable resource.

Great ideas

This is a great podcast for helping with productivity. The guests have practical advice on how to do what you do well as well as create some life/work balance. I highly recommend it. Great job, Erik!

Perfect for OCD and Type-A's

Being an uber-organizer, this podcast allows me to explore MORE methods to structure my days. It's not just about creating to-do lists, but Erik goes far beyond the mundane interview questions. He gets to heart of these successful's schedules, not only the WHAT, but the WHY. Subscribe now. Each minute of the show is chock-full of inspiration and tactical solutions. Are you listening?

Just What I Needed

This show is very entertaining. I love hearing the stories of others to see how they're living their dreams, how they found their passion in life. It gives me hope that what I'm doing with my podcasting career/goals will pay off. Thanks for the great show Erik!

Great content for your busy day!

Erik has a great variety of guests that come on the podcast to share great tidbits for you to help manage your day, help you think outside the box, and help you engage your day beyond just a checklist. Lots of great talent and advice on the show!

Never a waste of time.

After listening to only 2 episodes, this has been added to my "5 must listen to" list. The list of guest…impressive. Erik's interview skills….impressive. The quality of the podcast….impressive. If you are serious about learning and growing yourself and other….this is a must listen to podcast.

I love this podcast!

Erik brings on the greatest guests to chat about how they make the most out of their day. Incredibly helpful. This is a must listen and has a cement spot on my my very small iTunes subscriber list. Thanks Erik and keep it up!

Great podcast.

This podcast is filled with great tips by people who are striving to live truly productive lives. Thanks for putting it together!

So helpful!

Love love love this podcast so much. Great time management tips! Thank you for the amazing content!

Beyond the Usual Questions

Erik Fisher interviews effective people and uncovers how they stay focused and intentianal. This podcast is a great tool to act out your days more deliberately.

Solid Info with Great Guests

Every time I listen I am blown away by the take away content. Erik seems very comfortable guiding his guests, and mining great tips, tricks and insights out of every one of them. Other interviews/podcasts only skim the surface (or only exist to allow interviewees to plug their product), but Beyond The To Do List gets to the heart of what you want to hear when you listen to a productivity podcast… great "take-aways" that you can implement today. Thanks Mr. Fisher.