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I Learn Best without Hyper-Motivational Speeches that Leave Me Depressed Later

A lot of podcasters and authors in the non-fiction fields 'wax eloquent' about what makes people productive and tend to just simply get people 'excited' and then ask them to buy their product as if that's the formula to success. I was skeptical with Erik's podcast at first because of the title as I am not interested in more brushing the surface of people who have some level of success. I was pleasantly surprised that his method is to simply interview successful people and probe into their habits a bit. This is by far the best way to learn - just observe others and learn from them. Let me do the 'applying'. Because of Erik's more introspective approach, I think he asks better questions because he doesn't sidetrack the conversation with hyper-motivational speeches every time he talks. Erik's is a good one.

Great Insights on Real Effectiveness

More than just the tools of productivity, It shares how to be effective with our time & our Lives! Don't Miss This Podcast, Listen to it now! You won't regret it. Great interviews with great people and leaders in this area. Great Sound and just an overall great Show! Thanks Erik!

Getting to know you...

It is clear that Erik takes his time getting to know his guests before hitting record. As a former guest on the show, I can speak to the quality of the host. Don't miss his thoughtful questions and insight gained from both Erik and his guests.

Great interviewer

I've tested well over 50 podcasts that feature the interviewer/guest and this one is excellent. Erik does a great job with the pacing, questioning, and tone.

An easy listen

BTDL is one of my favorite podcasts for my work commute. It's easy to listen to but informative and information is applicable to a wide variety of business and personal pursuits. I look forward to future guests and watching how this newer podcast will mature with time.

One of the best self-development and business podcasts available

I like Erik's approach and his ability to pull out interesting pieces of wisdom from a great lineup of guests.

One of the best

Beyond The To Do List has quietly become one of my favorite podcasts. Great guests, great questions, and every episode is different. Some podcasts are redundant because it's the same conversation over and over. Erik discusses the whole spectrum of work, life, and productivity. Refreshing!

Love It!

Changed the way I approach my mornings. Definitely a fan!!! Inspiring, motivating, and well-done.

AwesomeNess, Genius, Brilliant!!

Eric you make it look easy! Your podcast has served as an anchor for my inspiration and courage. It has become part of my arsenal of tools where I can always go back to find find direction, strength and most importantly focus!! It has inspired me to began my blog where I one day too will be where you are! My favorite question is "In an ideal world, how do you start your day?" The unique answers to this question alone has been mind bending and have driven me to restructure my entire mornings which made what I do now possible!!! Thanks Eric keep up the brilliant work!

BTTDL28 a real touching episode

Warning this episode should contain a tear alert warning. A real insight into the human side of Chris LoCurto and Erik Fisher. A great interview guys!

Thanks, Erik

As a church pastor who has no boss or fixed schedule, finding the best practices to keep me productive is important. I love listening to this show each week. I get all kinds of ideas and helpful suggestions on how to keep myself moving in the most efficient way possible. Thanks, Erik.


This is one of the best podcasts. I have listenedto every episode and always find something new in each episode to use and work with to help me. THANK YOU! :D


Really appreciate the guests on this podcast. Erik has some big hitters in the show and asks perfect questions. He often asks the very question I have in my head. I also appreciate how Erik keeps the podcast to a manageable length; it could certainly be much longer but just the very best info is made part of the podcast.

So informative

As a new comer to the productivity concept, this podcast has opened my eyes so much. Not only the techniques and apps, but the guests that are experts in the field from all points of views/walks of life so you can find ones you relate to. They are the perfect length and all the right questions are being asked. Keep it up!

This is a A-List Podcast!

I'm proud to call Erik a fellow Hoosier. I love this Podcast! Erik is a master interviewer and asks all the questions I want to ask of all his guests. He is great at finding interviews with top notch people and I applaud him for his work. If you are interested in productivity and peeling back the curtains on how successful people lead their daily lives, then this is the Podcast for you. Subscribe right now, you won't regret it! -Erick Rheam

Perfect Podcast for Entrepenours

As a business owner I am always looking for the best ways to improve my productivity and my quality of work time, and so I have found great great tips and ideas with this Podcast that I have inmediately incorporated to my daily work routine and I love the results. Fun to listen to as well. informative, entertaining, perfect! highly recommend it.


Great thank you Erik, I really like the positive, productivity atmosphere and state of mind your podcasts puts me in. Thank you.

Productivity for People

So many productivity podcasts focus on lists and techniques but Beyond the To-Do List focuses on the people behind the productivity. If you want to hear how people practically implement productivity strategies then listen to Erik's podcast. This is not another podcast that will leave you crying in the corner curled up in the fetal position bemoaning the fact that you'll never implement the strategies put forth by the host. No, you'll come away refreshed hearing how real people succeed and fail at daily productivity but aren't bound by rigid rules and lists.

Organization & Leadership @ it's Best

Erik gets the best guests and does a great job of asking the questions I would ask.

Motivating and inspiring

Thanks Erik! Your show really motivates me, and your ability to guide your guests and extract from them useful tips on real world productivity is amazing.

Such a great show

Erik Fisher is a boss! He has always been innovative and fun. This is more great work from a great guy. Thanks Erik!

Take a break and get helpful tips

From the great guests to the terrific content, this podcast is an excellent tool to help you be better organized in your work and life. Take a few minutes to slow down and listen, you will thank me later.

Great Podcast

The show is very well done and always very informative and inspirational. Keep it up!

Engaging and full of valuable content

Engaging, enjoyable, and full of valuable content each week. As a young leader with ADHD, I enjoy the practical advice each episode.

Good medicine for the productivity challenged

Erik is not only skilled as a podcaster but also as an interviewer. He does a great job landing interviews with the best of the best and provides his audience a window into their lives, showing us how they operate and do what they do. If you're struggling with productivity, or want to grow in this area at all - listen to Erik regularly and watch as things begin to change. You won't regret it.

Real Life Tips You Can Use

It's just amazing to me how much free content we have available that can help change your life and this podcast can do just that. I have actually used so many tips and tricks and have been far more productive. You should really subscribe.

How the "Experts" are Productive

By interviewing people in various fields about how they remain productive in their work and how they balance that with the rest of life EriK makes learning about productivity interesting again. I especially enjoy the "in a ideal world" question.

Excellent show on pushing the ante on daily productivity!

Love the host - that's a first requirement for the shows I consume - and love the guests - a second requirement (if it's an interview show) and I also LOVE productivity. Who doesn't? The show explores ways we can be even more productive but not necessarily more busy. I have already implemented several of the suggestions, and I loved the episode with Getting Things Done's David Allen. Thanks Erik and keep it up. Farnoosh Prolific Living

Lots of great insights and takeaways

I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to Erik's interviews. He has found a variety of successful and inspiring people who so willing share their learnings, insights, and helpful tips and tricks. I learned something new with every podcast I listen to. I look forward to listening to more.

Productivity for the rest of us

The time management and productivity tips are great! I get some useful nugget out of each episode.