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Good Stuff

Erik brings his great people and interview skills along with great guests to give you the productivity and business tips you need without letting you get overwhelmed like most 'todo' podcasts and blogs. Keep it up EJF, you da man. @thesamlytle

Truly Beyond the To-Do List

I listen to many podcasts during my lunch break and on road trips, Beyond the To-Do List is by far one of the top three for me. Erik does a great job of guiding the conversation--he clearly knows the work of the different thoroughly--without ever getting in the way. I can think of few podcasts (i.e. Daniel Pink) with the quality of guests on their show. This show is definitely worth your time.

Worth every minute

Let's start with some honesty. I hardly ever listen to podcasts. I am just too ADHD for most of them to keep my interest. But Erik's podcast is the exception. He always asks good questions and engages me with the way he pulls new information from people I am familiar with. If you are looking for tips to gain productivity in your life, this is well worth your time.

A Gem

My favorite podcast! It does a great job showing how all kinds of people from different backgrounds/careers use the methods for productivity that work best for them. It's not about simply scratching items off a to-do list as quickly as possible each day. It's about knowing your priorities and what makes you, personally, your most productive self. And I love that question the host asks his guest every morning: In an ideal world, how do you start your day?

Well done

Well done, Erik! Thanks for your hard work on these. Tons of great actionable ideas.

Not a productivity podcast

It's a nice podcast for people who are into the crowd of social media and the type of people Erik Fisher is connected with, but there are a couple of reasons it does not deserve five stars. I've given it 4 stars, but really, my rating hovers between 3 and 4 stars for two reasons: 1. It says it's a productivity podcast, but it's not. Productivity is mentioned in each interview, but really, this is just another interview podcast with high-profile people (along with many not-so-high-profile people). The host talks with the guests about whatever he feels like talking about, though there are two topics he tries to bring up in most of the interviews: (a) work-life balance, and (b) "In an ideal world, how would you start your day?" I like these questions, and the discussion on both is good, but both are worked into the interviews in a less-than-structured fashion; I never know what to expect. 2. Erik J. Fisher asks for 5-star reviews in half the podcast episodes. This always lowers the quality of a podcast for me. Ask for an honest review, not for 5 stars. I still like the podcast. It has good content. But it's really not a productivity podcast.

I cried. Really.

Thank you, Erik! Hearing from the likes of Sandra McCracken and Derek Webb—uniquely productive and opinionated people—has given me courage to be true to God's design for me. At 55 yrs. young, with Major Depressive Disorder and Adult ADHD-Inattentive, I've tended to compare myself to others in seeking my own relevance, AND... I've allowed such comparisons from others to leave me at the bottom of the heap. NOT ANYMORE! What a boost this podcast has given to me!

Practical and Inspiring!

Erik Fisher produces consistently brilliant interviews with some of the most amazing people on the planet. The insights are perfect and timely. The only area I wish was a little better was the audio quality. Other than that - 5 stars all around!

Never Miss!

Once I heard his episode with David Allen, I haven't missed. Excellent Resource!

Great podcaster

The podcasts and interviews are good. Lost a star because after 15 episodes, it appears that Erik only interviews people with his same world view. As a non christian, I feel a little left out of some of the lines of questioning. But when the interview rounds back to the subject matter, its great!


I love to tune in to this podcast while doing mindless tasks! I can't tell you how many times I've had to stop what I'm doing to write down a great idea that Erik or his guests share. Always looking for the time to listen in. :)

Beyond the To-Do List

It is great. Erik is a consumate interviewer and thought leader. Always bringing relevant insight and provoking thought. The program and Erik are one of the best podcasts I listen to.

Next action...


Life Changing. I tell everyone to listen.

Your cast has changed my life. As I listened over the last year...I started to change everything. Because of Pat Flynn cast... I decided to write an e-Book Because of Timothy Ferriss cast... I decided to sell my tedius and time consuming print business and become a speaker Because of Robert D. cast...I am planning a trip to Bali on my 14000 461 days Because of David Allen cast... I am at inbox 0 and started at 14000 flowing emails inbox on average Becuase of all your cast...I own a fitbit, I get up earlier, I spend more time with my 1 year old and I am becoming the person I have always been under all the chaos. Maybe one day I will be guest! A million thanks!!

Robert D.

You have to listen to the episode with Robert D. I am exhausted after that. I rarely go buy the book, but I am now!

Awesome Podcast

Erik is a great guy that does go beyond just the systems in place that each of his guests use to control their workflow, but the story behind what they do. I have to say not only have I walked away with guidance for my productivity, but also inspiration. Thanks Erik for all you do.

Weekly, a Winner

This podcast is a must-listen. I have heard every program so far and every one of them has not only been helpful, but has been a home run. Erik is able to not only get great guests, but ask questions that the listeners have. Suscribe and enjoy!

Not Just Productive … Powerful!

I'm a sucker for anything that might help me be more productive. But Erik's heart comes through loud and clear in this podcast, and he draws that out of his guests too. We aren't just hearing helpful tips from impressive guests, we are hearing them share authentically what works and what doesn't to make an impact on the world.

Inspiring & Addicting!

Thank you for a quality podcast! I am currently a stay at home mom and am amazed at how many ideas and the inspiration I gather from this show that I can apply to my current life and work! Thank you for the hard work, keep it up!

Inspiring and Practical

Anyone eager to learn what the leading minds of entrepreneurship, business, productivity, and content creation are doing, should look no further. BTTDL is a gold mine of great insight and practical tools. The interviews are well done, fun, and never fail to provide the listener with useful inspiration. BTTDL should be required listening for all business school students. I am always eager to hear what's next!

Helps lots of people.

Lots of people benefitting from this podcast. Scan through to see all the five star reviews. It helps so many people, and it will help you. Add your review to everyone else's!

Great Podcast...Erik interviews Great Guests...Very Actionable

Very actionable podcast with great guests. I really enjoy Erik's style

Great interviews

I enjoy the interviews and the productivity tips.

Awesome Podcast!

Erik has amazing guests on his podcast and is a great interviewer. I learn something n every episode. My biggest complaint about this podcast is that he has such good content, I fill up my email subscribing to his guests' newsletters and information! Well worth the time to listen.

Great podcast on balancing your productivity.

It does not matter if you own your own business or work for someone who does. This podcast is for you.

Just what I need...

I love the focus on work-life balancing. I only wish it was a daily or biweekly show.

Great ideas & guided advice!

I've been listening for about 6 months now and love the content and guest Erik brings on! It's productive in nature, but other great advice is always shared and the quality of people that come on the show are great! I love that there are some guests with Christian based values that are sharing their successes!

Learn how to live a fuller life, from those who wrote the book on productivity. Literally

By going beyond what is written in their books and exploring how life is behind closed doors, Erik Fisher gives us a VIP tour of what makes these people of influence thrive.

Relationships not sells pitch.

I love the personal connection Erik has with each of his guest. I feel like I have been invited into a conversation and not an interview or a sells pitch. The discussion is alway basic, helpful and something I can begin applying right then. Thanks Erik for the work you do to help is all.

Getting Things Done Never Sounded So Good

I constantly take away so much from the guests interviewed on BtTDL. Not only do I get productivity tips/tricks, but by allowing me to hear what others have done and what is possible, I am able to reset my attitude on working toward my goals. Great job Mr. Fisher