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How to work better and create better work

Erik has a unique way of providing practical principles that I can personally apply to my work and life in order to get more done in a very efficient way. I love the interviews and guests on the show as well. Erik is a very gifted communicator by uncovering the golden nuggets of productivity and going well beyond the to-do list with each of his guests. I highly recommend this podcast!

Productivity Tips and Resources!

If you are looking for some awesome productivity tips and resources then this Podcast is for you. Erik is an awesome host and provides many golden nuggets of information. Check it out...

a podcast that is worth your time

I really look forward to new podcasts from Erik. There's always some worthwhile takeaways and that website has all of the links and highlights so you don't have to worry about forgetting anything. Add this to your listening list!

Helpful, Useful, and a Must-listen

EVERYONE needs to be more productive. There's always something you can do to improve yourself and your work. This Podcast will tell you exactly how to do it.

Best podcast on iTunes

Erik does an amazing job of brining engaging question,great feedback, and inspiration all in a fresh format each week. Thanks for what you are doing Erik, and keep up the great work!


I love this podcast! And it's not just for entrepreneurs and start up companies… I'm an actor with a husband and daughter and I am always looking to better balance my day and have the most joy possible… I start every morning listening to this podcast on my treadmill. Erik does his homework and is an incredibly talented podcaster. He feels like a good friend.

Get Your Productivity Groove On

Erik has such a cool and calm collected attitude that makes this podcast fresh on the ears. As someone that strives to milk each day for every precious second of productivity, this podcast is gold. Love hearing tips from other successful entrepreneurs.


Worth the time

Must listen!

This is by far the best use of my listening time. I learn so much from each episode that I can apply to my life to be more productive.


Great podcast. Very helpful.

Good stuff

I stumbled on this podcast a few weeks ago and have been listening from most current -- now back to February as of today. Some really good material that's helpful to me in doing life. Some of the programs are very applicable to my life as a lawyer -- and others are just interesting -- podcaster types talking about podcasting -- but it's a world I don't otherwise intersect with. I like the "how would you begin your day in an ideal world" question. I will keep listening!


Erik, I loved this episode. You did a great job interviewing Todd. This was my first exposure to his message. I can't help but want to learn more. Thanks!

Great job Erik!

Very nice production, and great interview with Todd Henry. The world would be a better place if we all took advantage of Todd's recommendations/suggestions..

Great Focus

I found this podcast from the podcast answer man show. I love both shows. As a podcaster myself I really value the content of beyond the to do list. I've listened to most back shows. Great content and format.

Please keep them coming

Erik's love for others comes through his podcast. He gives and works to bless others. The podcast is high quality, both in content and production. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

Great resource!

I love listening to this podcast in the evening while enjoying a walk with my dog. Helps me unwind and feel motivated to try new things the next day. Also appreciate the show notes and references. The podcast is well done and a great resource!


This show will help motivate you. Erik is very good at bringing the best out of his guests. A great way to learn how to get things done in a proficient manner.

Fantastic Content!

Erik has been able to talk with the best about different aspects of productivity. He not only covers some basic "how to," but also dives into the personal lives of his guests and uncovers practical advice. A must-listen for everyone!

Simply the Best!!!!

This is best podcasts available on iTunes. Each week I look forward to listening to the episodes that feature some of the most brilliant minds around. I've been inspired to produce my own podcast.

Awesome Content, Awesome Host

I love listening to Erik Fisher's Beyond the To Do List. I have learned all sorts of things from new tools, new approaches, and new methods to being more productive. Through his interviews I have learned from his guests new ways of thinking, how others are productive and how to achieve a greater work / life balance. Next to Michael Hyatt and Cliff Ravenscraft, Erik Fisher's Beyond the To Do List is a must listen Podcast!

What a great idea

Erik Fisher's Beyond the to-do list podcast rocks! I only started listening recently, but every episode gives me practical tips. In his conversation with Susan Moe, she was talking about brain clutter, and taking these random negative thoughts captive (my word, not hers) by writing them down and finding the opposite. Also fingering out whose voice… Well - give it a listen super practical stuff here.

Love this one

Practical and well presented interviews. Always find myself motivated after listening.

Listening since the beginning...

Erik has interviewed some of the people I read and listen to along with "introducing" me to many more.I always learning something new from each show and appreciate the insight into how people are productive. "In an ideal day, how...."

Great interviews, tons of fantastic information.

Erik does a great job on this show and interviews awesome guests. I recommend listening to this show with a notepad in hand to write down some of the useful information. This is the best business podcast there is! Download and subscribe, you'll be glad you did!

Great perspectives

It's a really well run interview format, with good questions, positive attitudes, and engaging dialogue. Good questions are asked, good answers are given.

Everyday Tools

Each episode has it's own flavor . . I'm able to pull tools for my own career and life from each episode. My own performance has been enhanced by Erik.

Hey! Its Eric Fisher!

Everybody iis looking to impove their productivity and get more done during the day. Erik does a great job of this and his guests are top ranked folks. Keep up the good work! you have a fan here.

Inspiration + Practical Tips = Winner!

This podcast is one that I look forward to every week. There are a nice mix of guests with different backgrounds, and Erik is a fantastic, easy going host. I think the show strikes the perfect balance of being motivational and story-centered, while also providing a lot of practical takeaways that we can apply right away. Keep up the great work! Dustin

A wealth of information

I truly enjoy listening to Erik's podcast. You can learn a wealth of information to make you a much better person.

Practical Wisdom to Help You Get Over the Hump

I love this podcast. It's the percent blend of wit and actionable 'to do' steps. Erik is an emerging thought leader in the podcasting & productivity world. Definitely worth following! Keep up the great work.