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Life Changing Ideas

Paul Jun's idea of creating a 'Common Places' folder in Evernote to capture all of your thoughts, quotes, etc in different subject areas that allow you to capture your self eduction's journey has changed my life. Thank You.

Always Finding Value

I have listened to this podcast for a few weeks now and always seem to come away from every episode with something useful. I keep a pen and pad next to me when I listen because I know I will want to check out something mentioned.

Podcast lives up to the name and goes beyond...

Erik is very good with his questions making each interview interesting and helpful. In fact he goes beyond just average everyday questions. Thanks!

TuNe In & Take Action!

If you like bacon, you’ll love Erik. Not only that, if you are looking for content that helps improve you’re busy life (especially entrepreneurs), then this is a must listen to podcast! Always great to hear the stories behind the success of the guests that he features and how they go about managing their businesses and personal lives. Keep up the great work Erik!


Love this podcast! I listen to it nearly every day (while I am catching up on old episodes) and each one gives me new tips and tricks to find pockets of time in my day. More importantly, there is always a fantastic take-away message about the importance of balance and sanity in one's life. What a motivating and empowering podcast! Thank you!

Mental boost everytime I listen.

I listen to every podcast and always find something great I need to write down and follow through on in my own life. I listen to the podcast my way to work on Mondays, and it leaves me motivated and with something to focus on that week. I find so much valuable material, and presented in a very down to earth manner. And for the record, I love hearing the "morning question" answers. Thanks for all the great content.

Fresh look at how real people live and work

Productivity tips never really do it for me. Erik's fresh approach to this subject is super useful to me though. You get to dive into how real people work in their real lives. Seeing the challenges and how people solve them to get things done is what makes it useful to me. My favorite episodes are the ones with Chris LoCurto - amazing! Start there.

I never miss an episode.

I love podcasting and listening to others podcasts. However, there are only a handful that I listen to every episode. Beyond the To Do List is one of my favs and Erik Fisher is such a humble, approachable host.

Down to earth and well-rounded view of productivity

Beyond the To Do List is the most human productivity podcast I've listened to. Erik doesn't just explore getting the work done, he focuses on overall self improvement in a truly holistic manner. He's a great interviewer, going with the natural rhythm of the conversation rather than imposing a rigid structure on every episode. He talks a lot about family life, but the only request I would make is to hear more stories from people with very small children (i.e. 0-4 years old). I'd love to hear someone's 'ideal day' story start with changing a diaper, because that is something that is definitely part of my life and the lives of a lot of other aspiring parent-entrepreneurs.

Love the Show!

Erik always brings it with quality content and genuine entertainment. I learn something new every podcast.

Great Interviews with Superb Questions

If you’re chasing a dream that seems to keep fleeing just beyond your grasp, carve out 30 minutes a week to hear Erik Fisher talk to those who’ve achieved their goals. You’ll learn much about productivity, and you’ll be inspired by his guests’ stories. Fisher asks smart, to-the-point questions that don’t rehash what you may have previously heard from his interview subjects. Beyond the To-Do List is well worth your time.

I had to listen twice

Loved Erik's interview with Donald Miller so much I had to listen to the episode twice. Beyond the To Do List is constantly top notch. It's a great way to start a morning to feel motivated.

Beyond Useful.

Erik does a great job of providing content that is useful and entertaining. He has relevant guests who are interesting and not just trying to sell their products. I am more productive after applying info learned here.

Beyond the Pastor’s To Do List

In Beyond the To Do List, host Erik Fisher thinks about productivity in holistic and creative ways. If you have a good work ethic, then you want to get things done. However, if you work in a field that requires creativity or intellectual labor (as opposed to physical labor), then this can be a challenge. Having grown up around so many people who labor physically, I often feel guilty that my labor is so intangible and intellectual (I’m a pastor). So, I often compensate for this guilt by overworking in an attempt to counteract the "lazy preacher" stereotype that lives on in rural areas. However, Beyond the To Do List helped me to think more clearly about what it is that I do and how I can organize to get things done efficiently. Fisher interviews professionals from various fields to talk about everything from handling email to setting goals to health. In fact, it is the variety of Fisher's guests and topics that make his podcast stand out from others in the productivity field. Beyond the To Do List is an entertaining way to sharpen your skills as a leader and as a creative. It encourages me to work hard, live life, and go for the next level--to know what my work is and to do it.

Awesome podcast

Thanks for the nice work..

Love it!

Great podcast, Helpful information and great interviews.

Podcast for anyone and everyone!

This podcast is packed full of great ideas for everyone! I'm "just" a stay at home mom and I feel included and encouraged through each one of Erik's episodes! I look forward to each new episode! Go ahead and give it a listen! I dare you!


Every time I listen, I walk away inspired to go be more productive. Every episode holds so many tips I have to pace myself as I catch up on all of them so I can implement them each. Thank you, Erik!

So helpful and inspiring!

Erik does an excellent job of keeping the whole picture of life in mind. It's not just a series of "hacks" and tips. It's so much more. It's productivity, but in a healthy, wholistic context. It's been so helpful and inspiring to me as a musician.

Practical Wisdom!

I stumbled upon Erik's podcast in a moment of serendipity, while looking for podcasts in the same vein as David Allen's GTD & Dave Ramsey's EntreLeadership. Erik engages in conversations that go deeper, actually "beyond" what listeners would typically expect in an interview. There's a certain level of "real-life-ness" that characterizes the exchange in each conversation. (I'd use the word "authentic" but that tends to be used under the guise of "How I judge others, according to my own standards";) Put simply, Erik is genuine & thoughtful. He pulls out the most helpful advice in these conversational exchanges. Each podcast is full of practical wisdom nuggets we all need to put into practice, in order to become more fully the person we're purposefully created to be! The take-aways from these podcasts have now become regular topics of discussions in our family. My husband lives in the financial world of hedge funds & is now building his own start up. We're raising three kids (to be adults:), and although our schedules are full, we're BOTH hooked! Gratefully, Leigh Lucas Gilliland

Awesome, helpful and funny

He's got some skills when it comes to Podcasting and Bacon. Listen and find out why.

Just plain great!!

I think I listened to just about every episode released during 2013 and I'm always looking forward to the next one. Erik does a great job getting those little tidbits from guests that can really improve productivity and effectiveness.

Like Bacon For Your Brain

I've listened to half a dozen of Erik's podcasts so far, and they really are like bacon for your brain...and by that, I mean totally awesome. The production level is top notch. His guests are smart and funny and Erik has a gift in bringing that out in them. These are so helpful and easy to enjoy. Like bacon for my brain...I can't wait to devour more.

Always on my must-listen-to list!

Erik's show was one of the first podcasts I listened to when I started getting interested in podcasting. His comfortable, confident style means that I can listen to valuable information without it feeling like an awkward interview. Today, Beyond The To-Do List remains as one of my must-download podcasts because of it's fun, casual style that provides real, relevant content. Keep up the good work, Erik!

Refreshing Reminders

I have been a productivity junkie all my life. I have been doing GTD since David Allen published his first book. I LOVE Erik Fisher and Beyond TheTo-Do List because he reminds us of the reasons why we are trying to optimize our time. To leave margin for our "why," to do that which is our true purpose in life. To pursue our passions and loves, and to not let life pass us by. To live intentionally. Erik delivers consistently great takeaways with each episode and interesting guest. BTTDL rocks!

This one is in my top five

I subscribe to a lot of podcasts, but this one is worth coming back to with every new episode. Erik always has insightful and helpful advice.


Am currently binge-listening and loving it. Wonderful to 'eaves-drop' on Erik's conversations and learn with him. Occasionally 'inside jokey', but really easy to forgive. Highly recommended.


Heard Michael Hyatt talk about this so I decided to take a listen and after downloading a couple of them I was instantly hooked!! I've since downloaded them all and I learn so much from everyone of them!!!

It IS Beyond a To-Do List

I've listened to about 15 episodes of Erik Fisher's podcast in the past 4 weeks. Fascinating, motivating, and practical. He gets some really great interviewees and lets them talk. If someone's worth interviewing and has valuable info to share, I'm glad when the host doesn't waste time yammering on about their own views--they can do that another time. Most amazing ones so far, for me--Farnoosh Brock, Andy Andrews, Chris LoCurto, Crystal Paine. These folks are sharing the best of what they've got, and it's motivating to me to actually apply one or two main ideas to my life rather than just listen and accumulate more "information." Really great work with this podcast, Mr. Fisher. Thanks for taking the effort to bring this meaningful content to listeners. And thanks for letting the guests have the freedom to be themselves.

Just what I was looking for!

In just the past 2-3 days I have been listening to this podcast, I have learned a lot about productivity and GTD. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to improve upon different area’s of productivity. Great job and keep at it.