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Great Produtivity Insights

If you are seeking productivity insights you can implement, this is a great podcast. Erik the host has great energy and explores what his guests provide, The show offers practical things anyone can do to improve their life. Erik summarizes each show with key insights.


I really enjoy this podcast. It keeps me motivated to stay on task and finish my projects when I feel distracted or discouraged. Love the later episode with Rob Hatch; he needs his own podcast!

Great interview!

Yes, dreams do change. Fun to listen to you and Leslie reminisce. Good content. Thank you=!

What a Value-Packed Show

I especailly love the recent interview with Julia Roy about "Digital Sanity". I was so relieved that I am not the only one felt constant pressure to clean up my digital space:) Thank you Erik for creating such an awesome show!

Easy to listen to and very helpful

Awesome podcast that has given me a ton of tools for productivity and not only gave me the tool but explained in easy to understand terms how to use them! Awesome podcast! Keep doing what you're doing!

A must-listen for the seasoned or aspiring productivityist

If you’re always searching for ways to improve your productivity, you’re not alone (believe-it-or-not.) What I like about Erik’s show is that not only does he address the fundamentals of productivity, but he also delves into how to accelerate productivity strategies with his guests. He gets them to share their trade secrets, which allows the listeners to extract tactics that will fit their current productivity level and life situation. Note for those with kids: As a mom of a toddler (with another on the way), I’ve found that my approach to productivity has drastically shifted. I was searching for ways to counteract the constant flow of interruptions during my day. Erik’s show with Jeff Sanders (BTTDL116) is an excellent episode to listen to if you have kids and are trying to figure out how to be a good parent while also optimizing your mornings to set up your day for productivity. This episode was a game-changer for me!

great podcast

Some really great information and interesting topics and guests. Definitely recommend

A Valuable Resource

Beyond the To Do List is (and has been for a long time) one of my can’t-miss favorite podcasts. Erik’s conversations with the people “behind productivity” are always interesting, and I always learn something I can put into practice to make my own life more productive.

Insightful, motivational, encouraging

I can't get enough of this podcast. Erik is a superb interviewer. He asks all the questions I want to know the answers to. I have learned so much from Beyond the To-Do List. I can't say enough about how wonderful this podcast is. Listen to it!! You'll love it!

It’s one of (maybe) three podcasts I listen to

I don’t listen to many podcasts. I don’t have time for it. It might be because of Beyond the To-Do List. The content has helped me pair down the clutter in my life and focus on the task in hand instead of staying in a constant state of distraction. I don’t hike or walk or jog with headphones on anymore. I don’t even listen to music anymore when I’m working: unless it’s focus music - another idea I got from one of the shows. I get like 3 times as much done, and and finally getting over a 3-year burnout in digital marketing. Work-Life balance. That said, I binge listen to these with my wife. We often take road trips up I5 from Bay Area to the Oregon Coast to visit her mother. It is the first series we catch up on. I’m writing this from Northwest Indiana. We just drove here from Bay Area, CA. Yes, we spent most of the first day listening to Beyond the To-Do List. In fact, I’m going to go back to listen to the one on Tripp and Tyler again just to remind myself of the ebb and flow of getting projects going. FULL DISCLOSURE: I met Erik years ago at Blog Indiana. He was the silent one watching everything unfold from the back of the room while everyone networked like chickens with their heads cut off. You could see the gears turning in his head. I knew him more for his relentless Facebook obsession with bacon. My wife actually found the podcast series in attempts to get me to listen to podcasts as a way to be productive during our 700-mile-at-a-time treks. The first time, we heard about 7 episodes of Beyond the To=Do List going up to Oregon. The only reason we stopped was because we made our destination - at 5am. It was the first time I really listened to Podcasts without getting bored or believing the host was in love with their own voice. After about 20 podcasts I started looking up the info about the series, looking to see if their was other content: infographics, blogs, books... When I realized the host was the same silent Erik Fisher from Blog Indiana, I shouted, “holy s***,” so loud my wife about veered the car off the road in shock. I messages him later that night to let him know, “I just found it. I didn’t know it was you.” Way to stay under the radar and let everyone else parade for each other during networking sessions then come out with a great theme with incredible content. Now, that said, Erik, you have about 10 days to crank out another 10 hour of stuff so Katie and I have stuff to listen to while we drive back to the left coast. - to a more productive life Finn And, thank you. I always thought, “productivity,” trendy content bait that “coaches” talked about when they didn’t have case studies to back up their bulls**. You opened my eyes to show me that it’s a thing many of us go through. Great guests, great themes, and unabashed honesty.

One of my favorite podcasts

This has been one of my favorite podcasts since it came out. Keep up the great work, Erik!

Love this podcast!

Love Erik's easy interview style and he does a great job of having meaningful conversations with his guests. He knows his stuff! I always come away with a takeaway that is applicable for my business. This is a must listen podcast if you want to become more productive!

If you don’t like it for the 1st time, wait for a while and give it a second shoot.

Sometimes, when you don’t like what you are getting - probably it is not the right thing for you AT THE MOMENT, or you are just not ready. When I first heard a episode of BTTDL back in early 2013, I didn’t try another episode. Cause it just felt they’re talking too long for one topic、one skill, and it just wasn’t practical for an impatient 2013 ME. So I (very unfortunate for me) walked away. During past 2 years, I am still into all kinds of Time Management、Productivity blogs and podcasts, learning about OmniFocus、Busycal、Evernote etc, all the sources I consumed were very practical ( as a matter of fact, some of them too practical, I didn’t really understand it even after I finish the set-up), so I learnt how to “use” all these apps、tools and some skills. BUT - they don’t work for me, it work for the guy who wrote the manual, but I am not that guy, I have my own need. And I don’t know exactly what I want to get from them, I don’t know how to tailor made all these apps、tools for my strength and personality. And then BTTDL come back into my mind, yes, after 2 years, I gave it another try. And I was so happy I could have the chance to come back, it is the everything I need right now. Eric don’t talk a lot about how to set your app, how to make the most of the app. He really talks about Beyond the To Do List, and that’s really important. Learning HOW to be productive and Manage Time is very important, and Knowing WHY is more important. So I figure out a lot WHY. Thanks to Eric Fisher. And as a listener from China, another side benefit I get is my English, Eric have such a good voice, it truly is a enjoyment to listen.

Great inspiration

I like the guests and info presented by Erik. I’m getting a ton out of listening to the podcast, so keep up the great work.

Keep it coming

Great interviews and information. This is a nice punchy format. I am really enjoying this one and have even gone back and listened to all the back episodes as well.

Fabulous Transformation

I’ve been listening to this podcast for awhile and ended up taking kind of a long break, because it was a bit dry and sometimes veered into too touchy feely. When I came back to it a few months later (mid-2014) and it had grown into something much more mature and with tons more personality. It was so neat to see this grow into something from a decent idea into a great podcast! Seeing that growth actually made me far more likely to take advice I hear on this podcast as well.

Thoughtful interviews

I’m really enjoying Erik’s interview with Michael Hyatt about goal setting. Erik is a great interviewer who is clearly very passionate about the topics in which he covers. Jessica Rhodes

Glad I found this!

I am so glad I found this podcast. I listened to Erik on Jeff Saunder's 5 AM Miracle podcast and landed here. I have been listening to the various episodes on my commute to and from work over the past 10 days. They are amazingly inspirational and informative episodes at the same time. I have tried to put some of the ideas expressed by speakers like Chris Bailey and Mike Vardy into practice. I have a suggestion for Erik- could you please put all the books mentioned in the various episodes into a sort of "reading list". I would love to read them all. Right now, I am reading the Driven to distraction and Work simply books. And of course, I have preordered the upcoming new edition of the GTD book as well. Thanks Erik. Keep up the good work!

Who Else Wants To Be More Effective In Their Life?

I had heard about this podcast for a while but just had never taken the time to listen. I’m glad I finally did because It is really well done, has some great guests, and provides information and resources to help you lead a more effective life. The shows cover productivity but it’s much more than that. Just hearing the guests talk about their successes (and failures) helps you stay motivated to achieve the goals you’re working toward. If you haven’t listened yet, take a minute and do so. You’ll be glad you did.

Great way to sample the productivity world!

I really like this podcast. Erik Fisher does a great job of exposing his listeners to many productivity experts and can guide you to areas of interest without bias.


This podcast is inspirational, motivational, and educational. Lots of great information. Thank you for the hard work.

5 Stars!

Erik does an amazing job. Goes way beyond the to-do list!

Positive and Helpful

This is a great Podcast. I love the positive messages and helpful advice. I listen to it on my morning walks and while I'm diving in the car. It is very helpful to hear how all theses other people are staying productive and becoming more successful. Thanks for the good work!

Motivating & Educational

Hi Erik..great job on podcast can't beleive I didn't find this earlier...replaced EoF on my podcast take a bow & keep bringing it!!!

How to Be Productive From Actually Productive People

Erik’s guests are real people, entrepreneurs, go getters, and self made business people who are out there following their dreams and because of this need to be productive. His guests are using the tools they talk about in their lives to manage their personal lives, their passions, and sometimes their full time jobs. I learned so much from these interviews and could not stop listening from episode one to the current episode. Looking forward to many more episodes and continued learning from this podcast.

One of the best

This is one of my go to podcasts every week. It's easy to listen to with Eric's no nonsense, yet fun and informative style. I always learn something useful. Thank you Eric!

Something useful for anyone!

I love how Erik combined inspiration, time hacks and tools in one awesome podcast. I think there are GOLD advice here for anyone, no matter who you are or where you’re in life. Truly awesome who w- highly recommend:)

Long Overdue!

I am ashamed that I haven't left a review sooner because I am a longtime fan of the show and somewhow missed writing a review! After briefly chatting with Erik at Podcast Movement last week I realized this was long overdue! As a self-described productivity geek, I have found a TON of valuable info in this podcast. One of his most recent interviews with the creators of Focus At Will has done WONDERS for my productivty. Sorry to have waited so long to review you, Erik but please keep up the great work!

Nuts and Bolts From the Ground Level

I've listened to most of these episodes by this point, and I thoroughly enjoy the down to earth conversations about what everyday life looks like for highly productive people. Erik is quite transparent at the outset that he is trying to figure this stuff out for himself. I have learned a lot from him and his guests...and I hope he doesn't stop.

Refreshing Common Sense and New Ideas

I have just recently discovered Erik Fisher and the Beyond the To Do List and am pleasantly encouraged with the content and how the next topic fits right in with what I need. I do a 5K walk each morning before work and listen to a new podcast each day while walking. I can go to work pumped with new information and ideas to help get the day started with Personal Productitity! Keep up the good work Erik! I have a lot of sessions to catch up on to get current and have acutally listened to a couple twice to make sure I got all the info.