Feb. 1, 2017

Laura Mcclellan on Being a Productive Woman

Laura MCclellan of The Productive Woman Podcast talks about what it takes to be a productive woman.

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Jan. 24, 2017

Erik Fisher on Minimalism, Being Intentional and Present

Erik Fisher talks through the three words he has chosen for this year, and his perspective on the whole process of choosing three…

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Jan. 1, 2017

Ryan Mcrae on New Years Resolutions, Progress, Consistency and Change

Ryan McRae has had Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder all of his life, but he wasn’t going to let ADHD run him down. He has…

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Dec. 27, 2016

Erik Fisher on Chronotypes, Screens, Exercise and More

Erik Fisher goes solo on this episode to talk about what he has learned and experimented with in the past few weeks with sleep, e…

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Dec. 19, 2016

Shawn Stevenson on Caffeine and Screen Curfews to Get Better Sleep

Shawn Stevenson of The Model Health show shares how to get higher quality sleep.

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Dec. 6, 2016

Dr. Michael Brues on Chronotypes, Timing and Rhythms

Dr. Michael Brues talks about discovering your Chronotype, improving your sleep for better timing of tasks and day to day product…

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Oct. 30, 2016

Nick Snapp on Agreements, Expectations and Hacking Your Work Environm…

Nick Snapp of 'The Make It Snappy Productivity Show' talks about agreements, expectations and hacking your work environment.

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Oct. 26, 2016

Jonathan Fields on Vitality, Connection and Contribution

Jonathan Fields of The Good Life Project talks about investing in your future by increasing your own vitality, connection and con…

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Oct. 17, 2016

Srinivas Rao on Consistency, Comparison, the Resistance and Focus

Srinivas Rao of The Unmistakeable Creative talks about consistency, comparison, the resistance and focus.

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Oct. 5, 2016

Mike Vardy on Competition, Overwhelm and Priorities

Mike Vardy on returns to the show to talk about competition, overwhelm and priorities. This is part of one a two part conversatio…

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Sept. 29, 2016

Jeff Sieh on Seasons, Rhythms and Change

Jeff Sieh from Manly Pinterest Tips talks about seasons, rhythms and change when it comes to life, work and family.

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Sept. 20, 2016

Laura Roeder on Personal Pivoting, Delegation and Distraction

Laura Roeder talks about her gradual pivot from being a designer to a CEO, how she manages her remote team, and deals with distra…

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Sept. 14, 2016

Chase Reeves on Journaling, Meditation and Mindfulness

Chase Reeves returns to the show to talk about journaling, meditation and 'being vs. doing'.

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Sept. 6, 2016

Jason Van Orden on Habits, Impostor Syndrome and Finding Your Best Se…

Jason Van Orden talks about forming the right habits, dealing with impostor syndrome and finding your best self.

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Aug. 29, 2016

Dana Byers on Automation, Minimalism and Margin

Dana Byers talks about using automation and minimalism to gain more margin in your life.

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Aug. 23, 2016

Jason and Jodi Womack on Teamwork, Delegation and Priorities

Jason and Jodi Womack talk about practical strategies for knowing what to do when, know what to do now and what to be working on …

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Aug. 17, 2016

Carson Tate on Discovering Your Personal Productivity Style

Carson Tate talks about the benefits of o discovering your personal productivity style.

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Aug. 11, 2016

Steve Dotto and Mike Vardy on Mindmapping Capture, Creation and Clari…

Steve Dotto, Mike Vardy and Erik Fisher talk about using Mindmapping to capture, create and get more clarity.

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Aug. 1, 2016

Julia Roy on Work Spaces and Places, and Digital Clutter

Julia Roy talks about maintaining sanity while working in a digital world and the effects of spaces and places, and digital clutt…

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July 25, 2016

Amir Salihefendic on Crafting Your Personal Productivity System

ToDoist Founder and CEO Amir Salihefendic talks about crafting your personal productivity system.

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July 19, 2016

Hitting Pause to Gain Perspective, Plan and Re-Commit

Erik talks about hitting pause to gain perspective, make plans and re-committing. Covered in this episode: some health experiment…

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July 7, 2016

Pamela Wilson on Systems, Processes and Collaboration

Pamela Wilson of Copyblogger talks about systems, processes and collaboration.

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June 27, 2016

Steve Dotto and Mike Vardy on Productivity in Social Media

Steve Dotto, Erik Fisher and Mike Vardy discuss maintaining productivity while regularly using Social Media.

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June 21, 2016

Rob Bell on Being Present With Rhythm, Routines and Rituals

Best-Selling author Rob Bell explores being present through the practice of Routines, Rhythms and Rituals.

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